Who We Are

Conservatives for Energy Freedom was founded in July 2014 by Debbie Dooley, President of Green Tea Coalition. Ms. Dooley founded Conservatives For Energy Freedom to be a strong conservative voice advocating for consumer choice in the energy field and to provide competition for government created monopolies. Her vision is that CEF will have directors in every state to advocate for sound energy policy that provides free market choice and gives consumers the freedom to choose.  

Dooley is a national co-founder of the tea party movement . She is also President of Atlanta Tea Party and has served on the Board of Directors of Tea Party Patriots since October of 2009.

She has written several articles for Breitbart about her support of Donald Trump during the primary, and general election. She organized the CNN Fake News Protests and helped organize the nationwide “Spirit of America” rallies defending Donald Trump at a time he was under attack from both Democrats and #NeverTrump Republicans.

What we Believe

We support allowing energy sources to compete on a level playing field in the free market . We believe consumers should determine which energy source is best – not the government nor giant monopolies.   We support fossil fuel energy sources but believe that decentralized energy has the best potential to provide choice and competition to government created monopolies. The average citizen can’t construct their own nuclear power plant or coal fire plant but they can utilize decentralized energy forms to help put them in control of their energy needs.

We strongly believe that moving to a more decentralized structure in our nation’s energy needs is a matter of national security. There is nothing more vulnerable to a terrorist attack than our centralized power grid. The National Energy Regulatory Commission found that terrorists just have to take down NINE KEY substations out of more than 54,000 and it would cause a blackout from coast to coast. We oppose energy subsidies and advocate that ALL energy subsidies should end – including ones for fossil fuel and nuclear- that are rarely mentioned by conservatives. It is wrong for the government to subsidize one energy form over another as that allows the government to pick winners and losers. Conservatives should not cherry pick their principles in regard to subsidies. If it is wrong to subsidize one energy form, then it is wrong to subsidize all energy forms. We believe in free market principles in regard to energy and believe it is time the government stop picking winners and losers in the energy field and allow innovation to take place.