TVA Monopoly Shackles Customers

Not only is TVA (The Tennessee Valley Authority) is the largest public utility in the country, but it’s actually a federal sanctioned monopoly power company – the only utility of its kind. TVA was established back in 1933 and now serves about 9 million people, generating and providing power to 154 Local Power Companies in its territory, referred to as LPC’s. TVA’s monopoly model means that they have complete and total control over the region’s electricity market, leaving these LPC’s and their customers shackled to whatever TVA decides and at TVA’s mercy with limited ability to make personal or business choices when it comes to their own power. The electric utility industry is changing very fast, creating more choices for customers to control their own energy destiny and save money. TVA as a government monopoly is designed to limit those choices.

Because of this attack on consumer choice, Conservatives for Energy Freedom is proud to join a new initiative formed to fight back – Tennesseans for Solar Choice.

Tennesseans for Solar Choice is a diverse and multi-partisan coalition, working to remove the market barriers and enable the fair expansion of solar power to benefit all Tennesseans.

A press conference was held to mark the official launch of the coalition on November 8th, 2017. A video of the conference can be viewed HERE.

Check out TVA’s unofficial mascot, the Monopoly Man!

Debbie Dooley, Tea Party Co-Founder and President of Conservatives for Energy Freedom, stated: “TVA is an outdated, federally-sanctioned monopoly, that appears to be working against consumer choice and energy freedom via regressive policies and ‘self regulation’ – a structure that is laughable at best and gravely concerning at worst. Their decision process happens behind closed doors, away from the eyes and ears of the very democracy they were established to serve.”

This battle will be ongoing, so stay tuned for further information and updates! #TNSolarChoice 

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